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351GB 1840 2d blue FU light black MX canc but spacefiller. Good mgns btm & RHS but trimmed top & LHS with missing corner top left Cat £875£20
352GB 1840 2d blue Pl 2  SG 5 FU black MX large mgns top & btm, good to touching sides Cat £875£125  P
353GB 1840 2d blue SG 5 FU large mgns top & RHS,clear btm,clear to touching LHS Cat £875£80
354GB 1841 1d red brown SG 8h with strong ivory head LMM but horiz crs, 4 good to large mgns Cat £600£50
355GB 1841 1d red VFU with black MX 4 huge mgns SG 8l Cat £55. Superb £10   P
356GB 1880-3 4d grey brown SG 160 Pl 18 VFU CDS Cat £65 Scarce CDS£24
357GB 1883-4 10s ultra SG 183 Well cent & superb used "Erith" CDS Cat £525 + 50% premium. Beautiful copy£200  P
358GB 1883-4 5s rose white paper SG 180 Well cent & VFU "Coleman St" CDS Cat £250 +50% premium£60
359GB 1918-9 2/6,5s & 10s Bradury Seahorses SG 414/6/7 GU generally well centred Cat £365£32
360GB 1924-31 5d Postage Due SG D16 FU CDS Cat £45£16
361GB 1924-31 Postage Due set of 9 SG D10-8 Mint Cat £200£72   P
362GB 1924-6 Wmk swys set of 4 SG 418a-21b LMM Cat £139£40
363GB 1929 PUC ½d & 1½d vars wmk swys SG 434a/6a G-FU light wavy lines Cat £105£20
364GB 1929 PUC set of 4 SG 434-7 UM Cat £24£12
365GB 1934 set of 11 SG 439-49 UM Cat £95£50
366GB 1934-6 ½d,1d & 1½d Wmk Inverted SG 439i-41i UM/LM/UM Cat £39£15
367GB 1935 SJ set of 3 Wmk Inverted SG 453i-5i UM Cat £33£16
368GB 1936 set of 3 Wmk Inverted SG 457i-9i LM/UM/UM Cat £20£6
369GB 1937-47 set of 15 SG 432-75 UM Cat £45£20
370GB 1937-47 set of 5 Wmk Swys SG 462a-6a UM Cat £172£64
371GB 1939-48 HV set of 6 SG 476-8b All FU/VFU Cat £60£20   P
372GB 1941-2 sets of 3 Wmk Inv & Swys SG 485i/8i/90i & 486a/8a/9a UM Cat £57+£18
373GB 1948 RSW pair SG 493/4 UM Cat £40+£15
374NO LOT 
375GB 1950-2 set of 5 Wmk Inverted SG 503i-7i UM Cat £19£7
376GB 1951 HV set SG 509-12 FU CDS Cat £25£10
377GB 1952-4 Tudor booklet pane wmk inverted SG Spec 23a UM£100
378GB 1952-4 Tudor set of 18 (both 2½d) SG 515-31 +519b UM Cat £100 CR £50£44
379GB 1955 Waterlow Castles set of 4 SG 536-9 LMM Cat £225£48
380GB 1955-8 DLR Castles set of 4 SG 536a-9a 2/6 LM rest UM Cat £600£250  P
381GB 1955-8 St Eds set of 20 (both 2½d & 6d) SG 540-56 +544b/8a UM Cat £165 Retail 90+£72
382GB 1958 Phos Graph set of 8 SG 599-609 LMM Cat £85£24
383GB 1958-61 Graphite set of 8 SG 587-94 (1½d upright) UM Cat £125£40
384GB 1958-65 Multi Crown set of 8 Wmk Swys SG570a-6ab UM Cat £13£4
385GB 1959 2nd DLR Castles set of 4 SG 595-8 2/6 & £1 M 5s & 10s UM Cat £195£32
386GB 1959-63 Postage Due set of 13 SG D56-68 LMM (lower vals UM) Cat £70£15
387GB 1960-7 Wildings Phosphor 2½d 2B Wmk Inverted SG 614Wi UM Cat £170 CR £120+£100  P
388GB 1960-7 Wildings phosphor set of 9 with wmk swys SG 610a/1a/2a/3ab/5b/5d/5dEa/5ca/6ab UM Cat £57 CR £14+£12
389GB 1970-5 Postage Due set of 13 SG D77-89 UM Cat £40£16
390GB 1972 ½p Sideband SG X842 UM Cat £55£20
391GB 1982 Postage Due set of 12 SG D90-101 UM Cat £24£10
392GB 1984 10p Machin Type II SG 886b UM Cat £22£10
393GB 1986 Wales 17p Type II SG W44EA UM Cat £55 Scarce£30
394GB 1989 Greetings strip of UM SG 1423b. Superb perfs Cat £25£8
395GB 1994 Postage Due set of 9 SG D102-10 UM Cat £45£20
396GB 1996 Cartoons with phos bands SG 1905-14p in UM block of 10 Cat £38. Scarce£20
397GB 2000 Timekeeper Min sheet OP Stamp Show 2000 SG 2123a UM Cat £35£12
398GB 2004 RHS booklet stamps trio SG 2463-5 UM Scarce Cat £18£6
399GB-Jersey 1941-3 ½d & 1d SG 1 & 2 UM R marginal copies Cat £16£6
400GB-Jersey 1943-4 Views set of 6 SG 3-8 All FU/VFU Cat £21£8

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