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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Sale 298 and I detail below why it has been so long since you last saw a catalogue from me. To begin with I was short of new material following Sale 297. That had proved very successful so many thanks to all who bid and bought in that sale.

Unfortunately life then took a major downturn in my life. In late summer last year I had been out viewing at a public stamp auction, returned home and had a bite to eat. I then felt I had a touch of indigestion but that did not ease and in fact turned into serious chest pains. I was in on my own because Janet was out for the afternoon. Fortunately something told me to ring 999 and when the paramedics arrived, thankfully quite quickly, they confirmed I was having a serious heart attack. There was then the problem that my veins had collapsed so they couldn’t get a line in so I was urgently transferred to St Georges, Tooting and apparently unbeknown to me at the time my heart stopped twice en route. I went immediately to theatre where they inserted a stent to my coronary artery which relieved the immediate problem. However they discovered two other arterial heart blockages but were unable either then or two days later to relieve by stenting. Consequently I had a period at home very restricted in what I could do and banned from driving, but then in November went in for a triple bypass which thankfully was totally successful. However one of the outcomes of that was that I was prohibited from driving for three months so it is only in the last month that I have been able to get out and about again to source new material.

Anyway enough of that – here is my latest offering with lots of new material plus others that have been previously offered but mainly with reduced estimates. Of particular note are some super Malayan states, a useful smattering of George V & VI varieties and a good selection of GB. Pre-sale estimates total in excess of £10,000 with 40% by value illustrated. Please note that all SG catalogue values are based on the 2015 catalogue and not the latest so there may be some real bargains as I believe many prices have seen a 10% increase. Overseas buying continues to be strong and auction realisations continue to be robust. Quality material is increasingly hard to acquire and I am told that Spring Stampex was very well attended and that dealers were pleased with their sales.

As always I wish you all good hunting through the catalogue and the best of luck with your bids.

I am grateful to be able to wish you best regards,