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Catalogues Used : Stanley Gibbons; Connoisseur (Machins) ; Murray Payne (BC George VI)


Acc Accumulation Ex Excluding Pkt Packet or Pocket
App Approximately FDC First Day Cover Pmk Postmark(ed)
AvU Average Commercial Used FU Fine Used Pr pair
Bklt Booklet GP Gutter Pair Roul Roulletted
Blk Block GU Good Used (better than average) S/B Stockbook
Cat Catalogue Value HG Higgins & Gage SC Small Crown
c/b Club Book HM Heavy Mounted Mint S/C Stock Card
Cd(c) Card(s) Hr(s) Hinge Remainders Sel Selection
CDS Circular Date Stamp Hvs High Values Set to Complete set to value indicated
Ch Chalky Paper Ill Illustration SG Stanley Gibbons
Coll Collection Inc Including Shpf(s) Short Perf(s)
Cols Colonies or Colonials LC Large Crown Sl Slight
Coms Commemoratives LE Line Engraved SP Surface Printed
Conn Connoisseur Cat. LMM Light Mounted Mint STC Stated to Cat
CR Current Retail Lvs Low Values SR Single Ring
Crs Crease Mgs Margins Swys Sideways
CTO Cancelled to Order Marg Marginal Surch Surcharged
CTS Cut to Shape M/C Machine Cancel T/L Traffic Light
Cvr Cover MX Maltese Cross U Used
Cyl Cylinder M Mint UM Unmounted Mint
Def Defective MS Miniature Sheet Un Unused (no postmark, no gum)
Defins Definitives M/U Mixed Mint & Used Var Variety
Diff Different OP Overprinted VFU Very Fine Used (light postmark, usually CDS)
DR Double Ring Pf Perforation Vals to Incomplete Set to Value Stated
Dupl Duplicated P Photograph Wmk Watermark
EL Entire Letter Phos Phosphor    
Env Envelope Pl Plate    
Fisc Fiscal (or Fiscally U)